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Will you continue to pray my dads brother he’s been in the hospital since last Tuesday and now he is in UCSF.

Bill is awake and alert today. He tried to speak to me and answered questions by nodding his head. He looked at me a lot and I am hopeful he can see. He was able to squeeze my hand with both his left and right hands although the left hand is much stronger. He is still being cooled manually but they expect that to correct itself as the swelling subsides. They have taken him in for the angiogram to look inside the artery and assess the situation and their next move. I won't know anything else for at least 2 hours. Emily and I are doing well. Between Sonny, Zack, Emily and I, there is someone here most of the time. Thank you my family and friends, and all of the rest of the people who you have brought in to pray for us. We are praying Bill back to health. The next week is still critical but I am cautiously optimistic.

Pneumonia is gone they will remove the breathing tube. He will continue physical therapy. For now we are doing really well. We have to watch for arterial dilation and spasms for the next few days.

Spoke to neurosurgeon after angiogram. Looks like the aneurysm has healed itself. They are confident that he is good for now. When he is consistently conscious

Received: July 27, 2022

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