Our goal during the COVID-19 crisis is to be a source of hope to our community, and we’re inviting you to be a part of that mission. We are launching the “Hope is Not Cancelled” campaign. You will be seeing it on social media, but more than that, we want to remind people in your neighborhood of this truth. We have a limited number of yard signs available that say “Hope is Not Cancelled” that we want to get all over town! For a suggested donation of $25 (to help cover the cost of production) we will deliver one of these signs right to your home! Because most of our staff are working from home, we can currently only deliver to homes in the Bakersfield area. If you would like to participate, SIMPLY CLICK HERE AND FILL OUT THE FORM AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE, and someone from the station will contact you to arrange a drop off! Let’s remind people hope is NOT cancelled!