Spring Fundraiser is coming June 2 & 3

Our  spring fundraiser is going to be different this year. We usually hold our fundraisers for 5 days.  With the world being turned upside down right now, we don’t want to take away the music and hope that you find in our station. You can get a head start and make your donation now! Please fill out the form below. Thank you for being a part of the Life FM family!

Monthly amount
If $30/month or more, please include your shirt size in the comments
(for monthly or for one-time)
If you are doing direct account payment instead of credit card, please skip down to the routing and account number forms :)
I would like to add 3% to help cover credit card processing fees
This is optional, and only applies for those using credit cards or checking accounts. 3% added during processing
Please note that sending your receipt letter via email will be in place of a physical letter. This saves us money and makes it more convenient for you. If you select yes, please make sure to double check your email address above.

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